Blue/White Polka Dot Steel Boned Underbust Corset NS-BW-1146

Organic Corset Company, LLC
SKU: NS-BW-1146
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This Steel Boned Corset has the following Overview and Features:

  1. High quality Polka Dot  Corset , fully lined inside.
  2. Genuine Steel Boned Corset, made for serious tight lacing, shaping and waist-training.
  3. This design includes 8 inches modesty panel (lacing guard) on the back to provide you comfort for tight lacing.
  4. 10 spiral steel bones & 4 rigid steel plates around the grommets for reinforcement for tighter lacing.
  5. Shiny Silver rust free Eyelets use in this corset.
  6. Strong 100% polyester laces use at the back of corset for tighter lacing.
  7. Strong 100% Cotton Jean use as a lining in this corset.

The size please follow below:

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