Elisa Goth Short Torso Leather Underbust Corset NS-1447

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This Steel Boned Corset has the following Overview and Features: 

  1. Authentic Steel Boned Black Faux Leather Underbust Corset
  2. 14 Flat Steel Bone, 2 Spiral Steel Bone
  3. Front Length: 10 -11.5 inch (25.40 - 29.21 cm)
  4. Side Length: 11.7 inch (29.7 cm)
  5. Back Length: 12.0 inch (30.50 cm)
  6. Fabric: Faux Leather
  7. Lining: 100% Cotton
  8. Opening: Front Zipper
  9. 100% quality guarantee.
  10. This corset is made with 100% cotton lining.
  11. Modesty panel: 7-8 inches wide so that you have an option to hide or show your skin
  12. Corsets should, on average, be ordered 2-6 inches below your natural waist size.
  13. Every corset that we sell is made according to its own unique pattern, and each corset style is designed to fit a particular figure type.

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