Rust Tafeta Waist Training Underbust Corset NS-WTUB-1012

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This Steel Boned Corset has the following Overview and Features: 

  1. Fabric- Sharp Shining 100% Polyester Tafeta. High quality fabric specially developed for manufacturing Corsets & can stand on pressure to clinch in. 
  2. Panel- Every Waist Training Corset has 12 panels & each panel has 4 layers of fabric , has been fused for strength and comfort. 
  3. Busk Opening Front- All our busk are made in 100% Spring Steel. Best for flexibility & support. They are so much flexible that even if you twist them at 180 Degree they come to their own shape instantly. Waist Tape All our waist training corset has invisible waist tape. 
  4. Busk option- They are Sturdy Metal Busk , Now you have the option to choose Antique Busk Closure also. 
  5. Bonning - Every waist training corsets has 20 spiral steel bonning & 4 Flat steel bones at the back to keep your back straight. 
  6. Lining- We use 100% cotton Twill in all our Corsets. All our corsets have 4 layers of fabric 
  7. Laces- All our laces are made with 100% Nylon to Give you maximum strength while tightening the corsets. Double sided satin tape is also available on request. 
  8. Suspender Loop- All our corsets has 6 suspender loops 
  9. Grommets-Grommets in corsets can range from 24-30 depending on the length of corsets. 
  10. Thread- All our corsets are made with specially order 3 ply polyester thread from Coats india

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