Unbelievable Elastic Nylon Magnets Fabric Shoulder Guard

Lover Beauty
SKU: LB12622
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Material 100% polyester+SBR+100%nylon
Size M
Color Black


Unbelievable Elastic Nylon Magnets Fabric Shoulder Guard made with high quality elastic nylon ,SBR and polyester . Elastic band with velcro can ease to wear and fit to your shoulder . Comfortable shoulder guard design to effectively . Tourmaline magnetic shoulder brace has powerful magnets fabric in that give deep penetrating magnetic therapy . The brace is made of comfortable material that can keep warm and gives support .
  • Relieve pain .
  • Improve microcirculation .
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling .
  • Improve blood circulation and metabolism .
  • Promote regeneration and wound healing .
  • Relax muscles and stop/prevent spasm .
  • Provide comfort and support at any level of activity .

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